Coming not so soon… the Faerywolf Tarot

I had started a tarot project long ago, but shelved it so that I could focus more energy on my business. Recently I was asked to join a group of other Feri practitioners in order to create a collaborative tarot deck based on the symbols of our tradition. I was assigned the Magician and the Hermit, so naturally I decided to do the High Priestess. 😉

"The Magician" ©2005 Storm Faerywolf "The High Priestess" ©2005 Storm Faerywolf
Click each image for a description or to purchase a signed print.

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All’s well that ends well…

So some of you may have read in my husband’s journal about our recent battle with Megahosters, our web hosting company for the past year. I just wanted to put it out there that everything has been worked out fine and we are staying with them. In a nutshell they had tried to cancel our “Everlasting” (lifetime) hosting plans for two accounts that we had purchased (from a web hosting company that they purchased a year ago) because they were losing money. After several emails, and finally a phone call, they agreed to simply combine my two lifetime accounts with my  third, monthly paid account and increase the disk space and bandwidth limits. So, in essence, I will pay no more than I do now, and will have no increased restrictions than I do now. It all amounts to a simple internal restructuring on their part. (Apparently separate accounts cost them more money than having all three domains under one account.)

So it’s all good. Thank you to those who sent me words of support and alternatives for web hosting. In the end we are staying put because Megahosters made the effort to make things right for me and it is still a great deal. $9 per month is the normal price for one domain/account, and I now have that for three. Not too shabby, plus they have 24/7 phone and IM tech support.

Robitussin and Ouija boards

Well I’m sitting here sick (again) and feeling kind of useless. Between the fever, chills, sweating, aching, and coughing, I’ve been filling my time sleeping and watching reruns of The West Wing. But I figured that, if nothing else, I could take a moment to shamelessly plug our business…

Many of you know that my partner Chas (chas_bogan) and I created the online store, Carnivalia. In addition to the dolls, puppets, hats, and sculpture that Chas creates for the store, we also have a selection of tiles, boxes, paintings, prints, altar pentacles, and Talkingboards (a la Ouija) that we design together.

Right now on auction at eBay, we have a #1, signed and numbered board I designed titled, “Elven Star”. It’s a simple design that is reminiscent of antique talkingboards and utilizes the symbolism of the seven-pointed star, sometimes called the Elven or Faery star. (Click link for more information.) Auction ends Sunday, 1:18pm Pacific.

Rest assured that if you win this auction you will not catch my cold, as all I did was design it in Photoshop. Chas does all the craft work so your board will come to you delightfully germ free. 🙂

A poem…

'Calla Lily' ©1990 Chris Fox
Image “Calla Lily” ©1990 Chris Fox

Calla Lily
for Daniel on our anniversary

Unfurl your cloak of silken white
Reveal your secret wand upraised at length
And not unlike a star you shine serene
To exalt the autumn-tide with silver cups.
Shall we drink sweet nectar as we praise
The simple beauty revealed now in truth?
Or shall we simply sit and idly gaze
Into the eyes of love I have for you?
Calla lily soft and silken white
With open heart I pledge my love this night.

©2005 Storm Faerywolf

A Mother’s Letter

This appeared in a Vermont newspaper in response to some anti-gay letters being printed there. I am posting this here because I can identify with the son in this account, having myself been perceived as being gay from as early as 5 years old. My early years were a mix of childlike exuberance, curtailed at times by the hurtful attacks and jeers of my male peers which continued pretty much all my life up to and through High School. As soon as I left school I was able to find myself, heal, and become strong, but I am left with the dark knowledge that many others never do… that many others choose to end their suffering by ending their lives.

If you are touched by such things, or outraged at the injustice… read this letter. And then maybe when you are done reading it you can share it with your friends, your family, or maybe you can write your own.

Lifted from the journal of veedub, who lifted it from others…

Read ‘A Mother’s Reflections’…