I’m back… and older then ever.

So I got back last night from my birthday Vegas trip. I had a BLAST. It was the best time I ever had losing money.

Here’s my trip in a nutshell:

  • I smoked WAY too much on this trip. But thankfully have gotten it all out of my system now. Cold Turkey, baby!
  • I drank just enough on this trip. Which is to say, all the fu***ng time. Stolli Collins was my drink. (Until they became DOUBLE Stolli Collins, that is!)
  • I won a little… then lost a little… then won a bit more… then lost everything. It was fun!
  • Four days is far too long for me to go without an orgasm.
  • Buffets suck twelve types of ass.
  • I love drag queens and fillet mignon.

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Another Year…

Well, it’s my birthday on Saturday and I’ll be 35. Funny how this “time thing” just keeps going. But far from being upset at my ever increasing age I am reminded that each year I have been getting better. (I think I’m much sexier now than I was at 20. Certainly I am a bit wiser. And more modest, too.)  😉

So later today I leave town for my birthday trip. I am meeting up with my mom, sister, and best-friend for a trip to Las Vegas. We’ll be staying at the Treasure Island, and be back on Sunday night. There should be much debauchery to be had. I would tell you all about it when I return, but apparently there’s this little legal thing that maintains that everything that happens there should stay there. So… just use your imaginations as to what (or who) I shall be doing while on vacation. And better yet, why not share them here?