Post-Pantheacon thoughts (2010)

I sit here this morning in my store, sipping coffee and taking a moment to reflect on all that happened during the convention this year. I was so happy to be able to see so many friends, many of whom I don’t see any other time, and (as always) was happy to have made some new friends as well. True, some "staple" people were not able to make it this year, and they were missed (Christopher, Steve, and Adam, this means you).

It was a bit of an acrobatic act, making sure that everything was covered at home so that we could go, and part of this circus event was that Chas was to stay and run the shop by himself for the weekend, while our boyfriend, Devin, and I went to schmooze, and generally promote the store.

I had one presentation: The Dance of the Peacock Angel, which was well attended. (I heard anywhere from 75 to 100 people in attendance.) This was part exercise, part ritual in which we invoked the Divine Twins as the Red Serpent (as our primal life-force, our shadow, and immanent spirit) and the Blue Dove (as our beauty, our light, and our transcendent spirit). While drummers provided a backdrop of sensual sound, a couple of my students embodied the Serpent and the Dove in intuitive dance, while I led the other participants to connect to these dual powers on their own. After some time summoning these powers to just beyond our own bodies, we called them in so that they could move through us and meet in our hearts, where they made love and merged together, becoming (as the lore in some lines of our tradition dictate) Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel, lord of beauty and of pride, lord of light and of darkness, he who is humanities’ fullest potential. After allowing this energy/being to manifest within us we allowed him to unfurl his tail feathers and expand our sense of presence as we looked into a mirror carried around the circle by the Twins, and as we gazed in we contemplated the words of our Peacock Lord: "Behold how beautiful I am!". Then we allowed that presence within to dictate our movements, and we sang and chanted and danced the Blue God into being, before allowing the power to settle down, and generally closing the space.

Tangent about my presentation…


The Stars Within the Earth

Awhile back I posted an announcement letting people know that my book, The Stars Within the Earth, was now available from I asked people to post a (hopefully nice) review, if they were so inclined… and a couple of you did. But then Amazon (or Lulu) did something funky and the link that lead to my book started showing up as “Currently Unavailable” even though under a NEW link it was all fine.

The problem is that the new link has zero reviews. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. That’s where you come in.

Please, if you are so inclined, (and if you have something nice to say) please review my book on Amazon. I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 And if you already posted a review, do you think you could copy it over to the new link/entry?

Thank you so much!