Poem: The Story of Melek Ta’us

The Story of Melek Ta’us

Born of beauty and of pride
Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel
Gleaming jewel amongst the stars
Created from the smokeless fire.

Chieftain of the angels seven
By God so ordered not to bow
before another, before another
Adam’s birth disturbs this now

As other angels turn and bow,
The Peacock Lord faces the sun
Righteous pride prevents his bowing
And so free-will has now begun

Confusion in the ranks of heaven
Conflict born from unity
A fall from grace, to fall in love
with precious jeweled humanity.

The world knows not his sacrifice
and condemns his act of will as evil
and though he strives to save our souls
still is he cast as the devil.

Even though they know him not
The Peacock Lord maintains his place
The King of Earth, a light from Heaven
The guiding star of the human race.

Seven jars have been thus been filled
with his tears to save the world,
to quench the fires of hell and loathing
to douse the flames; to wash them clean.

Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel
Spread your painted fan and make
the seven heavens with thunder tremble
and help us rise, so to awake.  



7 responses to “Poem: The Story of Melek Ta’us

  1. Kick ass. And I love ‘that’s how free will was born’. I am going to work with this image of the jars as I kala. 🙂
    It’s weird, as I read this, it sounds very musical, I hear an echoing chorus of male singers, as in that old song, ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’… yippie-ki-yay!

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