I have released a “preview version” of my latest article for Witch Eye, “Crafting the Warlock”. You can see it here.

The print version will contain artwork and a ritual. Stay tuned for details!


5 responses to “UPDATE

  1. “We are all products of our generation. I was raised with the knowledge that warlocks were male witches, most definitely from seeing episodes of Bewitched as a boy. It wasn’t until I found Wicca that I was told I couldn’t use the word. It wasn’t until I found my own power that I realized I could do whatever I want.”
    Although I watched “Bewitched” in the late ’60s and early ’70s, the word “warlock” didn’t register with me. My first recollection of a male Witch is from the 1971 Lawrence Welk special “The Christmas Witch,” in which the main character was male and was referred to as a “witch”, and a few years later I read about “Witch-in” in NYC hosted by Leo Martello, a Witch. Victor also referred to himself as a Witch early on. Of course, Paul Huson refers to himself as a “warlock” and doesn’t apparently subscribe to the “oathbreaker” theory, and I have great respect and admiration for him, but the term just doesn’t sing for me quite like “witch.” To each his own.

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