Post-Pantheacon thoughts (2010)

I sit here this morning in my store, sipping coffee and taking a moment to reflect on all that happened during the convention this year. I was so happy to be able to see so many friends, many of whom I don’t see any other time, and (as always) was happy to have made some new friends as well. True, some "staple" people were not able to make it this year, and they were missed (Christopher, Steve, and Adam, this means you).

It was a bit of an acrobatic act, making sure that everything was covered at home so that we could go, and part of this circus event was that Chas was to stay and run the shop by himself for the weekend, while our boyfriend, Devin, and I went to schmooze, and generally promote the store.

I had one presentation: The Dance of the Peacock Angel, which was well attended. (I heard anywhere from 75 to 100 people in attendance.) This was part exercise, part ritual in which we invoked the Divine Twins as the Red Serpent (as our primal life-force, our shadow, and immanent spirit) and the Blue Dove (as our beauty, our light, and our transcendent spirit). While drummers provided a backdrop of sensual sound, a couple of my students embodied the Serpent and the Dove in intuitive dance, while I led the other participants to connect to these dual powers on their own. After some time summoning these powers to just beyond our own bodies, we called them in so that they could move through us and meet in our hearts, where they made love and merged together, becoming (as the lore in some lines of our tradition dictate) Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel, lord of beauty and of pride, lord of light and of darkness, he who is humanities’ fullest potential. After allowing this energy/being to manifest within us we allowed him to unfurl his tail feathers and expand our sense of presence as we looked into a mirror carried around the circle by the Twins, and as we gazed in we contemplated the words of our Peacock Lord: "Behold how beautiful I am!". Then we allowed that presence within to dictate our movements, and we sang and chanted and danced the Blue God into being, before allowing the power to settle down, and generally closing the space.

I got some really good feedback (and would love more) but I wanted to address one thing that I heard second hand. I was told that some were confused as to something that I described during the Serpent invocation. Specifically, the Serpent rising from the earth below to emerge from the surface of the earth to just under our perineum, hissing and ready to strike. I heard that this made some people uncomfortable and they were confused (and maybe even potentially upset) by the imagery. To this I want to be very clear: IT WAS *SUPPOSED* TO BE DISTURBING. πŸ™‚ It is, after all (as I described before the rite began) our guilt, our shame, our fear: our SHADOW. If your shadow doesn’t disturb you then guess what? It’s not really your shadow, but a convenient mask that you use to cover it up. Feri isn’t interested in coddling weakness, but in exposing it so that we can learn from it, work with it, and integrate it fully into our system so that we can utilize the fullest extent of our power.

This year was the first P’con experience for our boyfriend, Devin. He assisted me in my presentation by keeping me on time (a little too well, perhaps, but everyone seemed to have had enough time to get their work done and at least I wasn’t late!) as well as by selling by books and magazines after it was over. I got to have my "rock star moment" by signing books and such (always a strange experience for me) and then we had pretty much the rest of the con to hang out and "see and be seen". πŸ˜‰

I didn’t attend very many things this year, but I am glad I got to go to the Dustbunnies Ol’ Time F(a)eri(e) Tent Revival, which (contrary to the popular belief of those who have never attended) was not a parody, but an actual, meaningful, and powerful ritual that would have made Victor & Cora proud. It used methodology and imagery not commonly associated with rituals of the Craft in such a way so as to get right into fetch and work its magic. The sermon was about love; how it can raise you up, and tear you down, and even referenced briefly my presentation with the Serpent, Dove, and Peacock (thank you, Brother Philip). Singing, dancing, and a Halle-fuckin’-lujah later and a good (and transformative) time was had by all. Good work, Dustbunnies! You are doing the (Peacock) Lord’s work. πŸ™‚

I also got to attend a Sex Magic workshop by Donald Michael Kraig, which had some good bits but ended up really sounding more like a commercial for his books than anything else. Oh well… he did have some good things to say and he was funny. I loved the power-point presentation when it came to describing the power of the perineum and a huge image of a man’s naughty bits became emblazoned upon the screen, with a little star superimposed on the spot in question that came to life with sparkles and fire! That got a laugh.

I was happy to get my (limited edition) copy of Heart of the Initiate: Feri Lessons by Victor & Cora Anderson. There are some real gems in this little book. You can order copies from Air and Fire. Hurry! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!!! EDIT: They’re gone. 😦

One thing that I would have liked is more time to hang out with some friends… I just didn’t have enough time! My pledge for next year is to plan a bit better so I can better connect with everyone.

All in all a good time was had by all… I am really wanting to make sure that we do a GLBT Hospitality suite next year, though. Brotherhood of the Satyr needs to get organized (and have a fund raiser) I guess.

Oh, also: I started a Fan Page for myself on Facebook. Please (if you are so inclined) "Become a Fan". It will be easier for me than managing a huge friend’s list comprised mostly of people I don’t know.



9 responses to “Post-Pantheacon thoughts (2010)

  1. Heya,
    It was an honour and a privilege to participate in your ritual as one of the drummers (I’m the blue-haired of the two, if people don’t recognise me from my LJ ID). Quite something. πŸ™‚
    And yes, the tent revival was great fun too (I was in the choir). It really seemed to bring it, at least from where I was sitting!

  2. Blessings upon you Brother Storm…And Thanks!
    BTW, there are conversations going on about GLBT Suite and I’m representing BotS. We will loop you into the conversation if’n you want.

    • Philip makes it sound so official and organized. What happened is that Derik of Circle of Dionysus dropped me a note because he heard the room reservation block was already open. (We’d discussed the GLBT suite sponsorship with both you boys of BotS as well as CoD.) I was going to go ahead and reserve a suite so we could work out the details later, but I discovered you actually canNOT make those reservations yet. I’ve put a reminder in my calendar to try again in a week.
      There are many details to discuss and resolve, but I am very serious in my desire to organize and act as host for a GLBT Suite for PCon 2011. I’ll make sure the room reservation happens as soon as it possibly can, and we should discuss a time we can all get together to discuss and resolve all other details.

  3. I am sorry to have missed your workshop on saturday-the kids and i weren’t at the con until late saturday night. I really enjoyed last year’s amethyst pentacle. I was able to attend this year’s revival, tho, and it was fabulous. And i totally agree about the Kraig workshop!!!! I said almost the exact same thing about his “commercial” in my post p-con blog. I guess it says something that the giant sparkly perineum was the highlight of that workshop for as well! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi brother! I loved your Dance of the Peacock Angel. It was a beautiful way for me to start the weekend. πŸ™‚ Great job!
    I wished I could have had more time with you guys but I was INCREDIBLY ill. Once I get better I’ll have to make a special trip up to visit. Looks like this year is going to have lots of travel in store for me!
    And I utterly and completely love Devon. I can’t wait to get to know him better.

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