Quote of the Day

“Each point of the compass has its own explanation and these inner sanctum asides I do not feel important for the uninitiated. I feel also that some part of the belief of real believers should be left in reserve. I have no feeling of guilt, or punishment, or mystic retribution should I disclose these secrets. If any one of my readers could receive satisfaction or find the end of a quest in what I have experienced I would be more than happy at some time to make these revelations. But if a curiosity is for neither scientific records nor self-examination these things are best left within their sacred environment where for those who experience them they represent truth.” -Katherine Dunham, Island Possessed


7 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Thank you for this quote. I needed to hear this, stated just this way.
    The question remains, however, how does one discern who is simply curious and gathering information for the sake of “having” it, and who is in need of it for their quest?

  2. aye 🙂
    i like that Katherine Dunham WENT THERE (physically and spiritually), too, rather than just wrote a paper on it.. she contributed to the corpus, because her curiosity was her quest.

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