Sleeping through the Coup…

I just saw this on my friend’s list and found it quite chilling. Has the coup already happened? I’m inclined to think so. I think a lot of us have seen various signs over the past eight years. Is she right? Is she wrong? What do you think?

And if you agree with her… what then?


10 responses to “Sleeping through the Coup…

  1. Unfortunately..
    She is right.
    On more points than she brought up, or maybe than she knows.
    Between the Bush regiemes, 1 & 2, and the McCain/Palin regieme threatning, America has an increadible load to worry about. And congress has been completely innept at slowing his depridations, and even at times cooperating with full endorsement, inspite of the desires of the constituents.
    When the bill finally passed the House, one or two reprisentatives even said that they had voted For the bill, in spite of the wishes of the constituents.
    Palin was raised in a Dominionist church. I think you’ve seen some of the footage from that scene. Blackwater is also of the same crede. Evangelists, and ones who are determined to toss aside the Constitution, set up their own government of Theocracy.. and we will have fires burning from coast to coast.
    What to do? look over her website, pass it along to friends, start contacting your representative and congress persons.
    The bush regme, and all of the laws it passed have to be reexamined and thrown out into the fires they would have thrown the constitution into, along with any book that is not the bible they hide behind.
    The Pheracese have arrived, and made Washington D.C. their home.

    • I wouldn’t claim to having precognitive dreams, but I’ve had some doozies lately of massive disruptions. The last one: while driving down a road with a relative, seeing through the car window a plane fall towards the ground at an angle, while doing a flat spin. It hit the ground and blew up, people being thrown everywhere.
      Could be influenced from the media’s mass hysteria, but I’m not so sure. Pray for the best, and prepare for the worst.

  2. Well, being under the radar in terms of communication can be fine, but when you surface and hear things like this, well, it’s not the best feeling in the world.
    I think she’s right, I think this sort of thing has been brewing, as you say, 8 years. Or at least, obviously for eight years. I do think that Reagan’s stunning job with education is also very much to blame for present predicament, as well.
    So–here’s the question. Is the election called off? Or will our troops only be seeing action if Americans vote improperly? I doubt this is just a scam to steal a third election in a row, but who knows? Maybe if the GOP ticket wins, the helm will be handed over to McCain and Palin and, well, Gods help us.
    No option looks appealing right now. Hell, why NOT harass your DA (I’d be interested to know more about that possibility) and… well, hold on to your tits, kids, I guess.

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