Um… wow.

I’m sorry, but Sarah Palin is a blithering idiot. It makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little to think she could be just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

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It would appear that the Republicans have decided that they don’t give a flying f–k about national security, or the economy if they are willing to stand behind such utter nonsense. Strange days indeed…


9 responses to “Um… wow.

  1. *bangs head against the wall*
    (insert whiny, nasal voice below)
    Ya know . . . I can see the moon from my window. That makes me an astronaut.
    Ya know . . . because it’s right there. And I’m in the window. And I can see the moon and if spaceships come from the moon or outer space . . . . if the space aliens decide to rear their heads, well, I can see them . . . so that makes me an ambassador because I can actually see the moon from my window. I’ve never been to the moon or outer space, but I can see it. And no I’ve never been anywhere besides my home state because I had to work two jobs. But yes. So, yes. I am an astronaut and an ambassador for the planet earth and an expert on well everything actually.

  2. What I really don’t understand is how people can look at her and think “Oh, she’d be a great candidate for possible presidency if McCain kicks the bucket” when she’s been the mayor of a small podunk down that had less population that my goddamn graduating glass in high school in a state that has less than half the population of a typical major city in the U.S. and they look at Obama, the governor of a much more populated state who is also a fucking constitutional lawyer and think “He’s untried and not yet experienced enough to be president.”
    And then she starts talking, and it just makes me wonder that even more.

  3. I’ve said it already.
    In my own blog, I have stated all of the connections she has to groups which are.. a little more than questionable.
    She has absolutely no qualifications to lead this country, full of so diverse a population, with so many mixed mingled and occasionaly integrated cultures.
    Palin is a prop. and it is getting to the point where everyone knows it.
    (the ones who have a little intelect anyway.)

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