The Gay Chemical Wars

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6 responses to “The Gay Chemical Wars

  1. Well, first they have to prove this rather shaky line of causation. Then they have to come up with a way to scan the brains of babies in the womb. Then they have to come up with a “treatment.” None of these are trivial feats.
    Then they have to get the parents to sign a waiver releasing the dr’s from all of the inevitable side effects of such mucking around with the hormonal balance of a child in utero.
    You notice the people they quoted in favor of this were both ministers. Not doctors. I think that no doctor, however much of a conservative freak, would touch this one with a ten foot pole….assuming it was even possible. Obstetricians pay astronomical premiums for malpractice insurance as it is.
    I think that this article is just scare tactics, really. By the time people adjust culturally to the idea that being gay is an inherent trait, they won’t care as much about trying to suppress it.

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