Initiation Announcement

I am pleased to announce that last night, in the presence of the Old Ones and blessed by the auspice of a blood red moon, my apprentice, Puck D. Coyote (puckdecoyote), was brought into the inner circle of the Feri. He has studied with me for several years and I am proud to now call him a Feri initiate, priest, and brother.

Welcome to the wild dance, Puck. I know that you will make us all proud.

Coyote howling at the moon
A primal song that stirs the blood
Sacred laughter is thy gift;
To let it flow forth as a flood.

At the crossroads stand you now
Dancing wild with inner flame
The bluest rose above your head
Nourished by Her Secret Name.

Between the Worlds we dance and sing
The faery ring is now complete
Together now beneath the mound
Drumming to the Black Heart’s beat.


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