In case you missed it…

I just love her so much. I think I want Chas to make me a T-Shirt of this.


6 responses to “In case you missed it…

  1. I hate fag hags. Hate them. Fag hags, fruit flies … whatever. Women who think they will make themselves more interesting by surrounding themselves with fags. Like Madonna. Well, now for her it’s Jews or African babies or something like that.
    This being said, I would KILL to be one of Kathy Griffin’s gays. Kill.
    SHE is not a fag hag. Not.

    • We owe a lot to “Fag Hags”, I think; those women who by their acceptance of us have influenced the attitudes of those around them: especially their straight male friends and even their children. I certainly don’t want to downplay the hard work that we ourselves have done on our community’s behalf (and let’s not forget the importance of our drag queens in this! They fought for us at Stonewall, after all) but these women are one of the reasons that we have made as many in-roads as we have toward cultural acceptance. This isn’t to say that there aren’t those who do just as you are saying, for reasons of perceived status or self-interest, but there are women who find that they just relate to us better than they do straight men, and who can blame them? We are pretty fabulous, after all. 😉
      I’d like a better term than “fag hag”, though… it sounds so demeaning.

      • I totally agree about women who are open and accepting regardless of the opinions of others, but that’s not really what I think of when I hear the word “fag hag …” I think of a very specific minority of the women I have run across in my life. Women who call themselves as fag hags are very different creatures than they were when I was much younger in California. The term is horribly demeaning. I don’t like using it and I especially don’t like when people use it to define themselves. Of course if it’s used in a tongue-in-cheek fashion it can be totally different. My dad calls himself a fag hag for chrissakes.
        There were times in my youth when I may very well have suffered if it weren’t for the young women who befriended me. They may have called themselves fag hags, but I didn’t. Fag hag means something totally different to me.

    • pretty dykes are always treated badly by fag hags
      i am a beautiful lesbian, with a coterie of beautiful lesbians. we all have mad sex together, and we all look like girls. we cannot stand FAG HAGS because every time we go to a mixed queer club, get f****d up, have fun, and paw each other, there is some FAT UGLY girl with an “i love c***” t shirt who looks and us and says “euuuu, they must have been RAPED to want to be with each other and not be with boyyyyeeeessss!” at the same time, they flit and flomp and ooze all over the gay men they worship, not at all ever intimating that some fat ugly woman like themselves would have made some straight man turn gay, even though they suggest that the only reason my friends and i are gay is because we have had a ‘bad encounter’ with a straight man. in short, FAG HAGS hate pretty dykes because they dare to be a. beautiful b. woman-loving c. queer without being male. last week at a queer club, my girl’s best friend taryn was kissing a girl by the bar when a FAT UGLY FAG HAG pushed her aside and said “dykes shouldn’t be here, move over honey,” taryn said, “this is a gay bar, chunkins, and no matter how much you sycophantically ooze your lipids over some gay guy who wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole, my lesbian a** belongs here far more than YOU DO.” She ran crying. My advice is: Gay men, who was with you at Stonewall? That’s right, DYKES were side by side with you fighting for your rights. FAG HAGS were back home with their fat, ugly, hairy hubbies. Now that fag hags love you and treat dykes like manure, you must realize that your alliance should be to other homos, not to some chubby screechy dumb a** who hates half the gay population. Fag hags are the enemies of dykes, but besides that, they are pathetic self-hating morons. I know that after being treated badly by society, gay men probably love the attention they get from fag hags, but PLEASE stop letting your ugly fat fag hag friends treat beautiful stylish lesbians like crap!

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