Goodbye Esmeralda…

Alice Ghostley died yesterday. You may remember her from her character of “Esmeralda” on the TV show Bewitched.

I have such a soft-spot for the cast of that show, as they were my first exposure to witchcraft and were directly responsible for me pursuing that path. (When I was two years old I told my mother that I was going to be a witch, and I doubt that it had much to do with the Horned God and the Goddess of the moon at that age!)

Good bye, Alice! You will be missed!


4 responses to “Goodbye Esmeralda…

  1. Thanks, I hadn’t heard about her passing.
    I also loved Bewitched as a child. I have the first few seasons on DVD… Occasionally, I’ll make a weekend of watching them all.

  2. My favorite too
    Like you, Bewitched was also directly responsible for piquing my interest in Witchcraft, when I was four years old. It was my mother’s favorite show and mine (still is). My mother used to doodle a stick-figure “Samantha” riding her broom, and I would copy her drawing onto my yearly Halloween pictures in art class. My classmates loved it, and pretty soon I was drawing Samantha on everybody else’s picture too! 😉 Jim and I still regularly watch Bewitched on DVD. As soon as a new season comes out, we buy it. We just finished watching season 5.
    P.S. I also remember Alice from Grease.

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