Oh my gay stars!

So with all the media bruhaha that has been going on lately concerning the Larry Craig scandal, one might have missed out a similar incident involving another anti-gay lawmaker, this time in Florida.

On July 11, Rep. Bob Allen (official website) was arrested in a restroom at a park in Titusville, Florida after soliciting an undercover male officer and offering to pay him $20 for oral sex. The thing that strikes me is not so much that we have yet another example of a conservative lawmaker who has made it a habit of attacking our people while engaging in secret homosexual activity (I mean, it’s par for the course now for these conservative bastards, right?) but that the entire public should have seen this one coming. I mean, just take a look at his website and look under ‘Recreational Interest’.

Hmmm… me thinks this one was not well thought out.

Good luck on your trial, Bob! Let’s hope there’e not any restrooms on the way to the courthouse!


9 responses to “Oh my gay stars!

  1. Love it.
    I am mixed on the whole thing with these two guys. On one hand I am glad to see anti gay conservatives get their butts kicked but on the other hand I think these stories are reinforcing negative sterotypes and are also indictitive of entrapment by the police.
    The police case against Allen is so poor that the state is having to toss out most of its evidence because they didn’t even read him his Miranda Rights. Granted, I think Allen’s statement that he was offering to pay the guy to give him a b.j. because he was a scary black man is classic. But at the same time, I wonder how many guys who don’t have the resources these senators have are being victimized by the police and ultimately the reality of the closet.

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