Feri Camp: Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death

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There are still spaces available for October’s Feri Camp! Hurry! The window for discounted early registration is quickly running out!

Exploring the Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death
With Anaar, Storm Faerywolf, Michele and Karina

October 4 – 8, 2007
Camp Nawaka, East Otis, MA

Join Feri students, practitioners, initiates and four teachers from distinct lines in the Berkshire Mountains of New England for four nights and five days of intensive classes, ritual, community and magic. We will open to the darker mysteries of Feri Tradition focusing intently on the Mighty Dead, Hoodoo, Psychic Opening and Protection, Danger & Delight, Bardic Circle, the Dark Deities and the turning of the Year Wheel. The Intensive will engage the Whole Self, using a variety of methods including song, poetry, guided meditation, dance, crafts and more.

$300 before August 17, 2007
(hurry… time’s running out!)
$315 until September 20th (Final deadline)

Main offerings include:

  • The Death Mask with Anaar
  • Walking the Bone Road: Necromancy in the Feri Tradition with Storm
  • Word Magic and Poetic Madness with Karina
  • Ancestor Collage with Michele
  • Dia de los Muertos: Sugar Skulls with Anaar
  • The Arddu: Trance Journey with the Lord of Death with Storm
  • Danger & Delight: Power and Vulnerability in Feri Tradition with Karina
  • Ancestor Govi with Anaar & Michele
  • Foundations of Feri: Kala/Cleansing and The Iron Pentacle with Storm
  • Setting a Spell with Karina
  • Bone Mother: Journeys with Ana with Karina
  • Tea-time with the Dead: Talkingboards and Spirit Communication with Storm
  • The Mighty Dead with Anaar
  • Hoodoo Graveyard Work with Michele
  • Dispelling a Curse: Ancient and Modern Rites of Cleansing and Protection with Storm
  • Evil Eye with Anaar
  • Breath, Heart and Devotion with Karina

We will also have several events with everyone together, including:

Panel Discussion/Q & A
Bardic Circle. Bring your songs, stories and poetry!
Danse Macabre: A Ritual Masquerade
Ritual of the Mighty Dead Please bring 4.25″ x 5.5″ photocopied images of your Beloved Dead (these may or may not be your Blood Ancestors)

For more information and for registration, CLICK HERE


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