Back from Camp…

I’ve been back from teaching at Feri Camp for a few days now. It’s taken me awhile to get back into the routine of my daily life, and thankfully Chas has been very supportive in that area. I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done since I returned, but I have also had a lot of my attention on all things Feri, making plans, talking to friends, and contemplating what I think is a very healthy future for the tradition.

Camp this year was an incredible experience. I was impressed by the level of sincere commitment to this path, and by the fierce openheartedness of the participants. A lot of energy was raised, and when that happens our complexes tend to arise into view. The result was a lot of cleansing work, and whole lot of sharing… of joy, of pain, of fear, and of laughter. I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to be in such an environment where we could come together as friends, as lovers, as family, to face both our beauty and our darkness, seeing both as holy.

I learned a lot during this trip. From the beginning I felt that this was about claiming more fully my own power, and I walk away feeling powerful; alive, charged, and changed. More of who I already am. A tremendous amount of energy was raised during our few days there, through trance… through ritual… through drumming… through dance… A common theme being the quest for the Black Heart that really did shine brightly in the eyes and smiles of those present. We did serious work! But also did we laugh… sometimes to the point of tears; the kind of laughter that hurts your cheeks and your belly and reminds you just how wonderful it is to be alive. That we were able to share that, and so much more with each other, is a blessing into itself.

I led some trance work with the Guardians, which always leaves me buzzing, but it was my session with the Amethyst Pentacle that really surprised me. When Chas and I wrote it back in ’02 we knew that it was powerful, but going into trance with it and running its power with the participants at camp was nothing short of astounding. I was impressed by the willingness of those present to look into the face of their own pain and –still feeling it– claim back their power from its clutches. Certainly this is work that will need to be done repeatedly, but that first step is most often the most frightful and that so many looked into that dark mirror of the self and met its gaze so evenly, is an inspiring sight to behold. All this along with reverence, determination, and laughter made the atmosphere both casual and relaxing, as well as focused and filled with deep purpose. As I said in another forum, if this is the future of Feri, then it is something that we can all be proud of. I know I certainly am.

I am also proud to have worked with so many fabulous teachers. This was my first time working with Karina of the BlackHeart line, and it was a tremendously satisfying experience. She really knows her stuff, and has a great command of the Faery current. I am proud to call her a sister of the Craft. Anaar I worked with last year, but it was this year that showed me another facet of her own commitment to the Gods; her connection to them is deep, real, and above all, personal. You show me a Witch who can yell in anger at the Goddess, and I’ll show you one who walks the walk. And finally Michele. Her attention is like a surgical instrument, cutting right to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t waste time with her words, but lest you might think her harsh because of it let me tell you she is one of the kindest people I know. And one of the funniest. That final night there she and I stayed up all night long just talking about life, about Feri, and just telling each other silly stories. We finally had to leave to try and let Anaar and Karina sleep. We paid for it that final day… in the form of dropped shields and no filters at all… but it was worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Now I am home and my life is shifting. People are contacting me and asking if I might travel to their area to teach. It comes at a good time because it is something that I have contemplated for awhile, so I find myself looking into how it might work both in terms of finances, but also in terms of energy; my time here at home is important, as Chas needs to take care of his mom when I am away. But he is also very supportive of me following my bliss, so it looks like I will be traveling at least some in the future. It’s a great feeling: to be exactly where you are supposed to be.

With that in mind I shall end this with a blessing to all of you reading this: May you find yourself exactly where you need to be. And may you have the presence of mind to recognize it.


14 responses to “Back from Camp…

  1. Le sigh. I’m only human, and thus SUPER jealous to hear about how awesome Feri camp was from yet one more peep on my LJ. Next year!
    In all seriousness though, I’m glad that Feri camp was an incredible experience for you. It was for many of the other (“student” I mean) participants too. It makes me feel just a little bit better about the state of the world to know that there are people who are willing to teach and work and take time out from their own busy lives to make such an event happen.

  2. Chas said that you might be thinking about attending BTW this year. I hope that’s the case. Maybe you’d consider giving the Amethyst Pentacle workshop there?

    • It would be my pleasure to. Thank you very much for asking. 🙂
      I’ll be completing my registration forms this weekend. I assume that the presenter info is there as well? If not let me know what I should do and I’ll be happy to set it up.

  3. The amethyst pentacle was paramount to me being able to clear through a lot more shame and to begin to reclaim my sexuality. I’ve been holding onto myself and working with the pentacle since I got home. Been running vast vast amounts of energy as I remain aligned and self possessed.
    Most especially the innocence and expression points were clearing for me.
    When you said, if you can’t find a time, make it up, it made all the difference for me.
    I’m so happy for you, that opportunities to teach are showing up. Good luck with that.
    And you are right, I have laughed like I did during camp. It was sooo good and I hated and loved everyone for helping me get there. 🙂
    Like I said before, I just love you.

  4. With that in mind I shall end this with a blessing to all of you reading this: May you find yourself exactly where you need to be. And may you have the presence of mind to recognize it.
    Storm, you are blowing my mind. The past several days, during my daily practice, this has been my EXACT prayer (for myself).
    Funny how the work that y’all did at Camp is filtering out to those Feri who didn’t attend in the flesh. The Current is fat and strong and flowing and feeding all of us. Thank you for your Work.

  5. I wanted to reiterate how amazing I found you and how much I feel I learned from you this camp. I came home, went to my coven the next day, and called myself a Witch for the first time.
    I’m planning on filling out the long-distance level 1 training form and sending it off, but if any of the people contacting you to teach happen to be in New England…I’d be up for that as well!
    Thanks again, and blessings settling back in. I know my feet have been in two worlds for quite a few days now!

  6. I enjoyed you every bit as much as you enjoyed me. I still break out in laughter when I think of something you said. Thank you so much for the kind words and thank you for you being you!
    Love Michele

  7. Who else would dare dance a black beribboned maypole in the utter darkness? Only Feri.
    It was a priviledge and an honor to work with you, too, Storm. As well as Anaar and Michele. Four Feri from different lines, putting aside personal dogma and politics to work toward the greater good of the Trad. The students were so committed, passionate, hungry. We are building bridges out of ether! So many practitioners scattered across the country (and the world!) seeking a way to connect with each other, with teachers, with the Current. I was going to say something about swords into ploughshares, but that would indicate that we are less sharp. Far from that, Feri Camp, workshops, training over distance or in person, sharpens and hones the skills of the students, teh teachers and the current. I, too, came away more empowered, more my Self, and more committed to the Work of this God.
    Be Blessed in Love and in Power–Karina

  8. That is the key, isn’t it. Having the presence of mind to recognize when you are where you need to be.
    It was wonderful beyond words to know you, and the other teachers, better. To feel your energy in person. To share so much, with so many.
    May we shine bright always!

  9. It makes me so happy to read all this! And the Power is seeping thru and spreading out, even to those who weren’t lucky enough to be physically there!
    I’m glad for your growth, and for the growth of all who were part of it… it’s something like a strong breeze blowing, and I can taste how much more your beautiful selves you’ve all become thanks to it. But I do feel it’s affecting ALL of us as well: even at class one can feel a different atmosphere already.

  10. i’m very glad that the camp went well, and that you’re seeing so many opportunities open up for you!
    if you’re ever down in orange county, holler; i’d love to meet up and say hello in person. 🙂

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