Wii would like to play…

I’ve been having some good fun with my Wii lately. (That sounded dirty, but oh, well…)

I just found my Wii number! It’s 0083 5431 6725 8535. If you have a Wii, friend me! Yay!


6 responses to “Wii would like to play…

  1. Between this post and just recently seeing the infamous “World of Warcraft” episode of ShouthPark, I just had this horrible image . . . virtual classes with your LD students, online on World of Warcraft, with everyone represented by their wacky avatars.
    Oh, dear lahwdee, not one more thing to be virtualized and put online. Weven worse than, let me read about it and talk about it instead of DOING it . . . let me pretend to do it in an onlinve virtual environment.

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