Bay Area Tech Writers?

I know that this is a long shot, but it can’t hurt, right? Does anyone in the SF Bay Area know of any companies that are hiring for technical writer positions? My good friend Scott (iamthespark) has recently moved here and is in need of this job, since this is what he went to school for. Any help or leads will be appreciated.


7 responses to “Bay Area Tech Writers?

  1. is really a great resource for tech writing jobs. There are usually lots of listings, and is the place were companies actually go to find employees. Other than that, he can target specifically companies he may want to work … Google, Sun, Adobe … these places always seem to be hiring tech writers.

  2. I know where I now work has lots of jobs in SF some of them looked like they could be something he would like. And the week and a half I have spent there they have been all right lol!
    Check out jobs at McKesson

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