Another eBay thingie…

Is anyone here into Doctor Who? I have a slightly used VHS tape of the 1979 Tom Baker episode City of Death for sale on eBay. The opening bid is just $1. It’s one of my favoritest episodes and the only reason I’m selling it is because I no longer own a VCR.

It’s a great one… cheesy and wonderful. Set and filmed in Paris it was co-written by Douglas Adams (under the pseudonym David Agnew), and even has a cameo from John Cleese.

Bidding ends on Sunday (June 25), around 4pm Pacific time.

** EDIT: Bidding has ended.


7 responses to “Another eBay thingie…

  1. That’s a great one. I’d bid but I own it. Say if you have Seeds of Death (or is it Seeds of Doom?) with Tom Baker and the giant vegetable monster I would love to bid on that one.

    • The Tom Baker episode is Seeds of Doom (the Seeds of Death is a Patrick Troughton episode with the Ice Warriors) but alas I do not own the former. (I do think I have the Troughton one on VHS somewhere, though…)

      • I think it might be my favorite of the old who series, it has aged really well and the dialog is very witty. I think too that the Seeds of Doom was the first Doctor Who novel I ever read.
        Funny story: we were at an antique fair about a year ago, and this woman had a box full of the old Doctor Who novelizations (from Target). She was selling them for a buck a pop. I bought the ones I didn’t own and got to talking about to her. She said, “Oh they were in my son’s room, I’m sure he doesn’t want them anymore.”
        I imagine her probably yelled at her when he found out.

      • I called my Mom right away, I still have Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars crap at her house and told her not to get any bright idea.
        I can’t wait til I get a big enough place for all my crap.

  2. Did not know you were a Dr. Who fan. Cool. Loved the scifi channel new Who episodes. Might be cool to have a party with a showing of one best episode from the top ~5 Doctors.
    BTW. Can I friend you?
    Steve (Mr. Anaar)

    • I’ve been into Doctor Who since I was 8. 🙂 Nice to know you are into it too!
      I loved the new Who episodes. Have you seen any from the new season two yet? David Tennant makes a great 10th Doctor…
      Your party idea sounds awesome…
      GO ahead and friend… me… I friended you too. 🙂

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