All hail the Geek!

My geekdom has just increased tenfold… I am now in the possession of a DVD boxed set: Doctor Who: The Beginning.

That is all.


21 responses to “All hail the Geek!

  1. I think Unearthly Child and the first Dalek adventure are some of the best moments of the old series. I though Hartnell was fantastic. I have these lying around on tape somewhere, but the DVDs are just elegent.

  2. I got mine a few weeks ago.
    neener neener neener
    I liked seeing the difference between the pilot and the finaly aired version of the first chapter of Unearthly Child.
    The Dr. Who theme is my absolute favorite of any TV or movie theme music.
    I figure the “Keys of Time” set will be my next foray into classic Dr. Who.
    Reading about all of the missing video really made me sad.

    • I liked seeing those differences too… it was weird! And I have always loved the theme music… stragely hypnotic.
      I’ve had the “Key to Time” series for a couple years now. I loved them as a child and still do today.
      I hear you about all the missing video… how many 2nd Doctor episodes are left? Like, 5?

      • I don’t recall the number of remaining Patrick Troughton stories. Far too much is gone.
        If you’ve not done so yet, read D. Adams’ “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” then watch the Dr. Who adventure, “City of Death” from the Tom Baker days, which script D. Adams wrote.

  3. My geekdom has just increased tenfold…
    and the problem with this is…? πŸ˜€
    believe me if I had the $$, I would certainly have every available Doctor Who episode on DVD.

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