Another Year…

Well, it’s my birthday on Saturday and I’ll be 35. Funny how this “time thing” just keeps going. But far from being upset at my ever increasing age I am reminded that each year I have been getting better. (I think I’m much sexier now than I was at 20. Certainly I am a bit wiser. And more modest, too.)  😉

So later today I leave town for my birthday trip. I am meeting up with my mom, sister, and best-friend for a trip to Las Vegas. We’ll be staying at the Treasure Island, and be back on Sunday night. There should be much debauchery to be had. I would tell you all about it when I return, but apparently there’s this little legal thing that maintains that everything that happens there should stay there. So… just use your imaginations as to what (or who) I shall be doing while on vacation. And better yet, why not share them here?


21 responses to “Another Year…

  1. *chuckles*
    Well, I’d have to see pics of you when you were younger, to tell if you’re cuter now…
    But you’re way hot now, so I guess the point is moot.
    And as to your birthday, this is my addition:
    I have a dream.
    I dream of Storm.
    He walks into a danceclub, and the room is dark.
    The pink and blue lights of desire and sweet torment
    spin and flash on the walls.
    The people dance as one, feeling the passion of the moment.
    And then it stops.
    And they all turn…
    and behold the beauty of the Storm.
    And then they are his.
    Happy birthday, honey!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I hope your time in Las Vegas is of a nature that it should stay there! Treasure Island is very nice – try to catch the Cirque show Mystere while you are there.

  3. hey, you’ll be old enough to run for president.
    storm for prez in 2008– oh, hell, let’s just impeach the assholes and put stormy in the white house NOW!!!

  4. i was going to leave you a myspace comment, but then realized that i had stupidly accidentally deleted you when the other day so i’m not added back yet.
    so pretend this is on myspace:
    happy birthday, storm.

  5. hmmmnn…
    Dear Storm,
    I have some questions about your recent Las Vegas Trip.
    I admit that I’m very curious as to how you got the entire cast of Treasure Island to perform naked water ballet with you after the regular performance, and it was very cool that you got to be the “extra” in Avenue Q for the night, and it was very good of X – An Erotic Adventure, to replace the entire cast with you as a solo performer, nad Ka cetainly benefited by your athletic prowess! But how on earth did you vanish David Copperfield?
    Hope your trip is delightful!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!

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