Bored… bored… bored…

I’m home alone. (Well… as alone as I can get in this house.) Originally I was planning on going out to Compulsion tonight, but Daniel needed to go early and Chas is working the door since everyone else is gone for the holidays. So here I sit… waiting for Chas’ mom to go to bed. And then…  ?

Normally time home alone would be a welcome thing. But I was planning on having fun tonight. 😦


10 responses to “Bored…

    • It’s all good. I ended up smoking cigarettes, working on the new Witch Eye book, taking a hot lavender bath and going to bed. With the exception of the smoking it was actually pretty good. Of course there was some porn in there too…

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t get your phone message until WAY late. I’ll give you a ring this PM, but I gotta work the next three nights. I hope last night worked out ok for you in the end.

  2. Sorry I had to go early, my love. Hopefully you and I can go together this friday to ‘Die Another Day.’ I’d love to spend some time with you outside of the house and away from business.

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