My Altars…

In  there was a discussion about altars in which people were posting pictures. I have quite a lot of them and didn’t want to bombard the comments section over there, so I put them here.

Here is my main altar:

Here it is close-up and lit:

With stars overhead!:

Here it is open:

Here’s the inside:





And since Earth is in the north, it is a part of my main altar:

My Peacock Lord altar:

And finally, my ancestor altar:


13 responses to “My Altars…

    • Thank you… it is still a work in progress.
      Right now I have pictures of both Victor Anderson and Harry Hay on there… waiting for a good picture of Grandma and Granddad.

  1. I am an altar nut, and yours are exquisite! I love that table/cabinet, and am inspired to get something like it.
    And WHERE did you get that awesome Baphomet on the wall??? He’s my boyfriend, ya know.
    Also, the inclusion of your own art is fabulous. Everything you do is so altar worthy. I am terribly shy about putting my own art anywhere.
    Just one thing … I’d like to see more cocks. Well, I guess I’d always like to see more cocks.

    • Thank you!
      The Baphomet is an original oil painting that I was gifted by the artist several years ago. He disappeared into the ether right after giving it to me. It has been over or near my altar ever since.
      Are you (half) joking about the cocks? I have seven on the main altar alone, although a few don’t show in the pictures. πŸ˜‰

  2. OH. MY. GODS.
    Mind thoroughly boggled now. Not sure what to do about it. Looks at own rather-pitiful-in-comparison altars. Bangs head repeatedly against computer desk. Ow. Head hurts now. Not sure what to do about it.
    And so on, into infinity…

    • Don’t bang your pretty head! Don’t bang your pretty head!
      I got lucky and waited a long time for this… I’ve been collecting stuff for years and now I finally have the space to make it all work. πŸ™‚
      Some of the best altars I have seen, however, have been mobile, small, and simply heartfelt. One was on the back of a toilet because the woman who made it had no other private space other than her bathroom! That was creative!

    • Indeed it was! The one I grew up with, actually… so it has lots of good Saturday morning memories for me. πŸ™‚
      It had stereo components in either side, as well (the top on both sides flips up to reveal interior spaces. They are used for storage now.)
      The altar works well for me because the top is used for ceremonial work, while the bottom inside area is used for meditation work. Keeps things at good levels.

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