Website Update


For those of you who are interested in Feri tradition material, I have added my piece from Witch Eye #10: The Gods of Infinity: The Lemniscate and its Presence in Feri Magick.

I also have made available my recent art piece that I posted here the other day, “The Return of the Peacock Angel” as well as a new piece that will be used for the cover of Witch Eye #12. I present, “Rapture in Full Bloom”:

'Rapture in Full Bloom' ©2005 Storm Faerywolf
“Rapture in Full Bloom”
©2005 Storm Faerywolf
Click image for description or to purchase a signed print.


14 responses to “Website Update

  1. your artwork rocks!
    Storm, your work inspires me. You truly are a great artist. I hope one day soon, you do finish your tarot deck, ’cause I freaking want one!
    That picture of the Lemniscate is so perfect, I don’t even know how to tell you. Do you mind if I use it for my personal BOS? I won’t give it out, but it perfectly depicts the gods on the Lemniscate.

    • Re: your artwork rocks!
      Thank you for your kind words about my work, Rune. Yes, feel free to use the Lemniscate glyph for your own personal use.
      And when my tarot deck is finally completed you’d better believe I will let everyone know! 😉 Thanks again…

  2. yowza. that’s gonna look awesome on the cover. Today I was at a cafe, (I’m still there now, actually) and the woman behind the counter, after looking at my tattoo, told me that in Arabic, a peacock is “Taus”. I asked her what “Melek” means and she said, “King.”
    So what I learned today is that Melek Taus translates literally to “Peacock Lord” or “King Peacock.” That makes me laugh. the Yezidi are just calling the Peacock Lord, “The Peacock Lord” and not by any kind of personal name.

    • And sometimes he is “Malek Ta’us”… or literally, “Peacock Angel”.
      And they do not speak his name out loud: Shaitan, whom non-Yezidis (and non-Feries, I suppose) think of as ‘Satan’, the source of all evil in the world. But we know better, don’t we? 😉

  3. VERY hot!! WOW!!! I need to get some of your artwork to put over my altar… I did order all the back issues of Witch Eye from you the other day. I am really getting into my studies – thank you so much for all that you do!!

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