I can’t stop looking at it

chas_bogan pointed me to this:


11 responses to “I can’t stop looking at it

  1. aaaah!
    Now doesn’t that just bring home those warm happy memories?
    Ah, the fireplace flickering, the family gathered in the living room, speaking unpronounceable names, the glowing red eyes which gleam from the darkness of the scrying mirror…
    Good times…

  2. Ah the good old days! When bobby was just a tadpole, Before daddy’s complete change and he had to shamble about. I miss the screaming of the local villagers in the night on top of Sentinal Hill, the crack of reality as the old ones came through. The occasional cry of glee when a NightGaunt would catch some tourist unawares…
    Now those were the days…

  3. I must admit to having no idea what this means, but I still think it’s pretty damn awesome.
    *wonders if it is an HP Lovecraft thing*
    *scratches head*
    *stares in rapt wonder nevertheless*

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