The Power of Three…

First legal triad “marriage” performed in the Netherlands.


8 responses to “The Power of Three…

  1. Wow! Another inducement to move to the Netherlands. Still though, I think the SADS would be even worse than here in MN. Hmmmmm . . . make the second of my spice my “legal” wife vs. making her suicidal. For now I think I’ll keep her alive and “in sin” 🙂

  2. Stolen From My Friend’s Blog (Wow…What a Contrast, Eh?)
    “This young girl I work with has slept with most of the men at the store even though she’s married. I asked her about it and she said it was okay because she’s poly-something and that means she can sleep around, not tell her husband and he has to be okay with it. It’s so adorable. She’s turned ‘slut’ into a philosophy.”
    — Randy’s mother

  3. That’s very cool! I was amused by his insisting that he’s ‘NOT GAY!!” and the fact that the women are bisexual, but he’s not. Sounds like every straight guy’s fantasy to me. Now, let’s see a woman and two men get married, three men, three women….

    • I know… I know… the eternal charge of the sexually frightened… Although I doubt anyone would think he was gay what with being with two women… I mean, you can’t really get much farther from being homo, can you? 😉
      And yes… a marriage between two men and a woman… I’d like to see that.

      • True enough. Sounds like he was trying to stave off any rumors of a man joining their relationship. Oy. Straight guys are an endless source of amusement to me, I must say…
        It’s interesting to see the plural marriage that Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart have going on. I applaud them no end, but man – having and sustaining a deep, intimate relationship with ONE person is hard enough for me…!

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