Sex and Creation: an Anderson Feri Intensive

Just putting the word out for an event I will be participating in next year…

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Sex and Creation: an Anderson Feri Intensive
With Anaar, T. Thorn Coyle, Storm Faerywolf and Michele Jackson
May 4-7, 2006, Diana’s Grove, Missouri

Come and dance with the Gods on the ribbon of creation. Bask in the beauty of the Star Goddess and make love with the Divine Twins. Explore the paths of Sex and Creation in Feri with four powerful teachers from different lines of this potent tradition.

We will spend a magical three days and three nights on the beautiful Ozarks land of Diana’s Grove. Walk the labyrinth, eat delicious food, visit the sacred ritual groves and dip your feet into the rushing creek. Most of all, work Feri magic with other Feri practitioners. All who have worked with the Anderson Feri tradition (either alone or with a teacher) are invited to attend. Foundational classes, as well as intermediate and advanced, will be offered so as to accommodate all skill levels.

Morning will consist of working with either Sex, taught by Anaar and Storm, or Creation, taught by Thorn and Michele. Afternoons there will be workshops taught by individual teachers that reflect their specialties and their specific Feri Tradition knowledge. In the evenings, we will all gather together to work magic around a bonfire under the stars.

Are you ready? Enter the magic.

Cost is $285 for three days and nights of teaching, magic and food. Tenting space is available. Cabins are available for an extra fee. Diana’s Grove is a drug and alcohol free space. We ask that all participants respect this parameter.

contact Hyndla Kensdottir <> for registration inquiries.


13 responses to “Sex and Creation: an Anderson Feri Intensive

  1. This is not a gathering for people with no training in Anderson Feri, as there will be no introductory work provided.
    Now that’s the sticking point for me, alas. I’d be there with proverbial (and if necessary literal) bells on, but so far have been forced to rely on self learning and practice via online and print materials. So, I’ve got to wonder, just what would constitute enough training and/or background to make this event a good fit? I’m not holding out much hope, but ya never know unless you ask.

  2. A Question…
    Storm, I studied with Karina in Western Massachusetts, she’s of the Anderson line through Mark Roblee.
    I am an initiate in her line, which I can only describe as being a family-style training that
    falls between Feri and Third Road. I am pretty certain that I have covered the materials needed to be safe and on-point for this workshop.
    Would I be welcome at this event?
    If you need to contact me privately about this, email me at
    Thanks so much.
    In Love and Grace,

    • Re: A Question…
      In case you didn’t hear, we recently just opened up attendance to those individuals who have worked with Feri even just on their own… so no matter what, you are eligible. πŸ˜‰

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