Movie, Popcorn, and Extra Cheese

So Sunday night my boyfriend (nullzeit) and I went into San Francisco to a little place called the Dark Room, to see a production that they put on there called “Bad Movie Night”. For a mere $5 ticket price you are treated to a bad (really bad) movie and free water and popcorn. (Good popcorn, too!) You can even bring in your own snacks and beer, should you desire. The event is hosted (and by that I mean heckled by) a fine group of spastic folks who not only yell comments at the screen, but they even encourage you to do so as well. It’s like Rocky Horror meets… well… any other bad movie. It was awesome. 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re interested, the movie we saw was the 1975 pilot movie for the TV series Wonder Woman. Woo hoo! Let’s hear it for bad acting, infectious theme songs, stupid Nazis, plastic airplanes, and golden wonderbras!

Upcoming presentations include Labyrinth (which I actually never thought was bad) and Killer Klowns from Outer Space! (Which I can only imagine is.) Oh, the cheese!


11 responses to “Movie, Popcorn, and Extra Cheese

    • Wrapping up their prey in huge cotton-candy cocoons like manical spiders. Come on… that’s great!
      Well, perhaps I only remember the good bits. Seen again, I would likely find that the flick was mostly premise and not a lot of execution.
      Or maybe I have really horrible taste.

  1. HEY! i LIKED Labyrinth!!! Tim Curry had the most rockin’ Horned One outfit on!
    if Jennifer Beals couldn’t appreciate what he was offering her, then FOOEY on her fake ass i say!!!

  2. Wonder Woman
    Was Linda Carter the star of the pilot episode? I cannot say much for the series, but I can say alot about Linda Carter. She is the grandmother of my former roommate. She doesn’t live to far from me either, and she is one damn nice lady. How gay does that make me? I like Wonder Woman and I know where she lives today…

    • Re: Wonder Woman
      Yup… it was indeed the one and only Lynda Carter. And until the new movie comes out next year she is still the only actress to fulfill the role of the amazing amazon. (Unless of course you count that really horrible made for TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby… but that wasn’t really Wonder Woman… Not really…)
      I hope, though, that they get Lynda to play the queen in the movie… that would be great! You know where she lives? Ask her if they’ve asked her yet! 😉

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