Science? In Weblogs?

I got the idea from cangelo‘s LJ:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


3 responses to “Science? In Weblogs?

  1. In one of the Computer Science classes I took last year, the professor asked for a showing of hands from all in the class who had a blog. It was a fairly large class, I’m guessing around 60 people or so. I and about four other people in the class raised our hands. Then the professor told the class that the average demographic for people who blog was 14 year old girls and he didn’t think the blogging fad was all that significant. Some guys sitting behind me laughed, and I felt a bit embarrassed.
    So, I’m going to participate in this MIT survey in hopes that it will help me feel vindicated of my embarrassement in class that day, because all of the blogs I read are written by intelligent adults and I would love to see us fairly represented by the statistics.

    • When the findings are eventually made public you should mail that teacher a copy. I know a lot of people who blog and none of them are 14 year old girls. 😉
      I’ve only just these past few days even looked at any blog sites other than LiveJournal… which do you like and why?

      • I like I have friends on Xanga. Xanga is more like LiveJournal and Blogger seems to be more of a do-it-yourself kind of blog. You need to host your own blog on your own server space and the service links you to their blogging community. I was going to use it until my friends 😉 convinced me to use LiveJournal. I’m pleased with LiveJournal, though. No complaints! I’m planning on getting a paid membership when I get my job situation worked out. I’m wanting to find out about more blog sites, just out of curiosity.

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