National Celibacy Day

National Celibacy Day

November 2 – – – NO DICK – NO BUSH

Pass on this info — your life may depend on it.

Don’t forget to VOTE.



2 responses to “National Celibacy Day

  1. Did you take the Votergasm pledge? Young people all over America have pledge to have sex with voters and *no sex with non-voters* for 4 years! That is right – no vote = no sex!
    I think I’m gonna vote today…

    • I’ve heard about it, but am in a tad bit of a quandary about it, actually. One of the men whom I’m in a relationship with is a staunch non-participant in the political process, and while I strongly disagree with his position, I respect it, because I feel that to do otherwise is to, in some way, invalidate the idea of a free-society. (And thusly make me a hypocrite, which I am far to selfish to do that to myself, thank you.) Of course I’m also biased because he is really good in bed. 😉
      Let’s just hope for a Kerry victory tomorrow. It wont make things perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it will make the work that we liberals have to do a bit easier.
      Keeping my fingers crossed…

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