I need more music…

I find myself wanting more music by the Cocteau Twins, and all I have is Treasure. Any suggestions? How about other stuff that I might like in addition to them?


14 responses to “I need more music…

  1. Definitely get Heaven or Las Vegas, Victorialand, and if you can find it The Pink Opaque. After Treasure those are the three best Cocteau cd’s. All of them are good though. The only ones I would avoid for the time being, since they are the weakest are Milk & Kisses and Garlands. Aside from Cocteau, have you heard of Sigur Ros? They’re an Icelandic band and they’re sound like nothing else. Very long, epic songs with amazing vocals (all in Icelandic and some made up language, which is very Cocteau-esque) Get Agaetis Byrjun and ( ). Boards of Canada is another good band. Electronic soundscapes with beats, but very warm and pretty. Music Has The Right To Children is the one I would go with. Love Spirals Downwards is decent, and Daniel has a couple of their cd’s. They are a shameless Cocteau rip-off, but do a pretty good job at it. I prefer their cd Ardor. Hope that helps!

  2. You might like Vas if you like floaty vocal music. Also Medieval Babes. And I am currently obsessed with this Portuguese genre of melancholy, passionate music that I first encountered by a group called Madredeus. I’m blanking out on what the genre is called at the moment, but it’s gorgeous.

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