Do we maybe need more coffee??

I feel the kernel of truth in this one…



2 responses to “Do we maybe need more coffee??

  1. That’s interesting in that I had been thinking along related lines. I was reminded me of a passage found in Herberts’ Heretics of Dune,which I quoted on my LJ on Wednesday.
    The passage, dealing with liberty and freedom, ends like this:
    “These ideals {freedom and liberty} owe their very existence to past examples of oppression. And the forces that maintain such Ideas will erode unless renewed by dramatic teaching or new oppressions.”
    I think it’s hard to maintain a level of anger because the full boot has yet to be felt in everyday life. It hasn’t impinged upon ones comfort zone, so to speak.

  2. (brief introduction: I’ve viewed your website, interested in Feri, was on Yahoo list until it exploded) Hi. 🙂
    No kidding about a kernel of truth. I don’t know any liberal who doesn’t fall in that category right now who is active about protesting etc.

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