Support Gay Marriage…

Support equal marriage rights and sign this petition.

  The Senate is scheduled to vote the week of July 12!

Please also take the time to write and/or call your senators and tell them that you oppose writing discrimination into the Constitution. You can send them a message by clicking here.


One response to “Support Gay Marriage…

  1. Gay marriage
    I was a little apathetic about Gay Marriage before Bush declared war on gays, I was pretty sure Gay Marriage would be recognized one day. Well “one day” has gotten a little too close for some people and so they promote writing discrimination into our constitution. Instead of expanding freedoms and respect for a very diverse America, they are attempting to limit them. What happened to the checks and balances? The courts have begun to recognize our rights, laws have been passed to protect us as citizen and recognize our relationships, our undeniable relationships, and yet it is said official have misinterpated these laws and extended them beyond their merits. They are attempting to over write them and reinterpret them. How many states had to go back and rewrite their state constitutions though? Now they are taking ostracizing to a federal level.
    I am determined now to defend myself, our rights, and the rights of future generations of the Gay community. It is time for another Stonewall!! Bush has “Terrorized” the US enough and straight American with this foolish notion that we are a threat the “family unit” and to “their way of life”. Well what about us, what about our right to have families, our right to love and provide a stable home for our children? We have adopted the idea of “Don’t ask don’t tell” in our lives. Which is counterproductive. We have let right wing coalitions shame us, silence us and keep us in hiding. So many believe them, we are told we are unnatural and an abomination to the natural order. Talk about witch burnings, Like the phoenix arisen from the ashes we are transfigured, transformed from the fires of destruction we will be reborn. It will take the warrior spirits within find the courage to step to the front line and defend those who cannot speak, too afraid to or too ashamed.
    It pissed me off when Bush so blatantly stole the American presidency, and used is ill begotten seat of power too instigated a war had no right fighting in the first place, now that little man has the nerve to deny the very freedoms he suppose to defend and we as Americans hold dear. Shame on him for all the evil he has stood for during his term, the lies, the deceptions, the fear instilled in the masses but shame on us for allowing it. We are a governing body by the people and for the people. Where are the people?
    Why do we sit quietly by and allow our votes to go dismissed or miscounted, apathy is the cancer the spreads across the nation eating away our freedom, our rights as humans and our control over our government. We either reclaim our power or we give it to those say we don’t have the right to exist. I for one will stand up and demand to be noticed. Regardless of the outcome in the coming weeks for gay marriage, acceptance of an unfavorable outcome or resignation of our duty is not an option. We as queers can overcome. Stand strong, stand proud, stand together. Don’t apologize for who you are or who we love. Support gay marriage. We have a right to love and have that love recognized too.

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