Coming out of my cave…

Well it’s been almost a month since I’ve written. I just haven’t had the energy lately. Been working on my business stuff and getting that off to a slow start. I guess I should plug it… Chas and I are selling some of our art… I’m selling stuff from my store that’s been signed and numbered, as well as signed copies of my book.Chas will be selling some of his sculptures as well as some Feri-related art. All of this I’m doing through eBay. If you want to check out my eBay Store go HERE.

In other news we’ve been busy planting flowers and plants in the back… it’s going to be even more beautiful this year. The fruit trees we planted last year are blooming and looking wonderful. The willow is alive with green, and the brugmansias are big and strong. The yellow one is already blooming… I just bought some other colors and am going to plant them in a raised flowerbed we made. Until three days ago we called it ‘the pit’, but with the addition of soil and flowers – presto!- a garden feature. πŸ˜‰ We’re also trying to build a waterfall into our pond… Chas has done some pretty good things with it so far… I can’t wait to have it all cleaned up so I can go outside on a summer night and sip marguaritas! Yum! This is the life! πŸ˜‰


6 responses to “Coming out of my cave…

  1. I find gardening to be a super-magickal experience. Since I started studying soil in school, I began to see it as an alchemical substance–it’s pretty amazing stuff. Makes things grow πŸ™‚
    I love Brugmansias. Did you know they are psychoactive and related to Datura, one of the supposed ingredients of witchly flying ointments? I wouldn’t recommend taking Brugmansia though. Everyone I have heard from that did was either nuts or had a bad time. Life is too short for bad drugs, as my friend Jeff says. But it’s interesting to know about them. I have had very good success using them as a dream/vision inducer, not by taking them internally, but instead using the dried flowers as an infusion in the bath. The effect is only a very subtle sensation, but enhances dreams or meditative visions.

    • I’m having such a good time in the garden… I’ve never really done it before and so it’s a new experience for me, but watching these plants grow is definitely a magickal experience. And as for the brugs… they are certainly a magickal plant. I don’t intend to take them internally, although I don’t think I’d need to either. Their scent alone is intoxicating, and in fact we used fresh flowers in a vase instead of incense at an initiation and the effect was marvelous. The whole temple room was thick with the scent. Not overpowering… just… nice. It had the added benefit of being fragrant only nocturnally so it’s adds to the Witchy mystique. πŸ™‚
      My teacher suggested working with the plant spirit, saying that it has a special quality of inducing internal silence. I haven’t done any formal work with with it on that level as yet, but plan on it this summer when it goes full bloom. I’ll try the bath thing too, but I’ll avoid magickal ointments, although I also have some purple datura seeds on their way. Perhaps I can just have a nice little Witches poison garden somewhere. Somewhere where my dog wont be tempted to eat them.

  2. Hey there,
    I was wondering if you were still working on the WitchEye. I have something I was thinking of (gasp) submitting for it to share with people. It sort of came to me one day, very overpowering in a very good ecstatic sort of way. Its ok if it is too late, but I thought I would share if you want to see it.

    • Yup, I’m still working on it. I have had very few submissions this time around, but I do have a few, so it’s not too late!!! Send me whatever you have. And if you can, please ask other Faeries to consider submitting something. What I do have is great, it’s just not enough for a whole issue. I’m thinking that I will change the due date to June 1st for a Summer issue. Life has just been way too crazy lately what with getting our business going. Everything else has taken a back-seat, but rest assured it is still happening!

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