I’ve been crazy busy. We’ve been getting ready for Pantheacon lately. Chas and I will be selling some of our art there, and I will also be participating in a discussion panel. Entitled “The White Wand: The Artist in Feri”. Along with Anaar, Thorn Coyle, Michelle Jackson, and Sharon Knight, we will discuss the relationship of our creativity and our practice of Feri tradition Witchcraft. For more information, check my online schedule.

I will have signed copies of my book for sale as well. This will be my first Pantheacon experience so I am looking forward to it!


19 responses to “Pantheacon

  1. us midwest feri-inclined are truly envious. PantheaCon. the schedule makes me weep.
    and creativity- what a wonderful topic! Since I started studying with Thorn I keep making stuff and making stuff….
    finishing a shawl of red mohair, working on a complicated mask of the Blue God, have a ton of ideas for mosaic glasswork, needlework, and masks and polymer clay.
    I in fact have more ideas than time.
    PantheaCon. Between Feri work and Witch Camps, I’m using up ALL my vacation time.

      • no. it means that I’m doing feri study with thorn, and going to winter witch camp next week! and maybe summer witch camp, and seeing my godchild born, and so will not get a chance to do pantheacon this year sigh.
        that should have read:
        PantheaCon. (insert big sigh here, and mopey face) Between Feri work and Witch Camps, I’m using up ALL my vacation time.

    • Is Anaar going to publish a book by the same name?
      She DID! πŸ™‚ “The White Wand: Toward a Feri Aesthetic” was released on Jan. 28 and is wonderful. It has a tone similar to 50 Years… in that it is simple while still revealing some profound ideas. Some of Anaar’s exceptional art graces its pages as well. Excellent stuff. Her new website should be online soon, and will have ordering information. It is possible that copies may be available for purchase at Worship, a shop in Albany, CA that my student manages. I highly recommend Anaar’s work and have added her book to my reading list.

      • sounds like a wonderful book. Hmmm… the only thing is that I’m in Australia, is it possible to send you the money and have you send over a copy for me? I am really interested in this book, sounds wonderful.

      • is it possible to send you the money and have you send over a copy for me?
        Well, I don’t have anything to do with her book, so you will have to wait until her website comes online. She told me that it should be up before Pantheacon… so that should mean by Feb. 13 at the latest. Check after that and see what’s up. It’s a great book.

  2. Does that mean you’ll have a table in the vendor room? I’ll be at the con too so I’m sure we’ll cross paths. I may have to miss out on the workshop because I think I am too broke to warrant buying a badge this year, but I look forward to seeing you around.

    • Oooooh! It will be so good to see you! I will only be there on that Sunday, but I plan to be in the vendor room after the panel. Anaar will be selling some of my stuff at her table, so I’m sure that I want to go and see how that will be going… plus I’ll want to do some shopping of my own… πŸ˜‰ I hope to see you there!

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