Not out of the woods yet…

Well… we just found out yesterday that Patt’s sore leg is the result of an extensive and life threatening blood-clot. We had to take her from her doctor’s appointment right over to the emergency room so that they could evaulate her. Normally they give blood thinners for that, but becasue of her brain condition they didn’t want to to that… so they opted to perform a surgery to place a filter in the vein to prevent it from migrating up and into her lungs… although they found that it had already begun doing exactly that and that part of it was already there. It must have just happened because she didn’t have any pain in her chest until after we got to the emergency room! Because of the extensiveness they finally decided to go ahead with both the thinners and the surgery. I’m sittiing at home right now waiting to hear back… they performed the surgery earlier and I have no clue how it went. They said it would only take a half an hour, but you know how that goes…

Healing prayers and energy is requested…


2 responses to “Not out of the woods yet…

  1. Update
    Well the surgery went fine… she’s been transfered to a rest home so that she can get some physical therapy before she comes home… we are hoping to be able to pick her up tomorrow or the next day to have her come home again. Thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts and energy to her healing. 🙂

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